Founding history

2-BBB started in 2003 as to-BBB technologies BV, a spin-off company from the renowned Blood-Brain Barrier Research Group of the Leiden Academic Center for Drug Research (LACDR) from Leiden University in the Netherlands. The founding fathers of to-BBB were Pieter Gaillard, Alfred Nijkerk (VenGen), Bert de Boer (emeritus head of the LACDR Blood-Brain Barrier Research Group) and Leiden University.

Transitioning the company for product development

Years of commitment and dedication from our team, investors, scientific/medical collaborations and government agencies have enabled research and development on technologies in the blood-brain barrier field and a multitude of potential medicines for devastating brain diseases. Through to-BBB and later BBB Therapeutics, products were moved into clinical development and brought to a stage requiring strong partnerships or significant capital investment for further development. At this stage, the entity BBB Therapeutics went through a bankruptcy in 2015.