Press releases

2015, March 19: Leids biotechbedrijf BBB Therapeutics gered

2015, March 16: Doorstart voor biotechbedrijf BBB Therapeutics

2015, Jan 26: BBB Therapeutics filed for bankruptcy; Mr. M. Udink of Udink & De Jong ( appointed as administrator.

2014, Oct 20: BBB Therapeutics Appoints Jan van Heek as Chairman of the Supervisory Board

2014, Sep 30: to-BBB Completes Management Team and Announces Company Name Change to BBB Therapeutics

2014, Sep 12: to-BBB Announces Positive Data from Phase 1 Clinical Study

2014, Sep 9: Anders Harfstrand joins to-BBB as CEO

2014, Jun 30: to-BBB Announces Successful EUR 10 Million Financing

2014, January 13: Jan van Heek Nominated to Supervisory Board of BBB Therapeutics

2014, January 10: BBB Therapeutics Publishes Nonclinical Data on Lead Product 2B3-101

2014, January 9: BBB Therapeutics Appoints Leonard Kruimer as Chief Financial Officer

2013, December 17: BBB Therapeutics Initiated Phase I Study in Healthy Volunteers with 2B3-201

2013, December 11: BBB Therapeutics and Sihuan Enter into Collaboration Agreement

2013, December 5: BBB Therapeutics Hires Dr. Carlos de Sousa as Chief Business Officer

2013, November 19: BBB Therapeutics Awarded European FP7 Funding in Large Consortium Targeting Epilepsy and Epileptogenesis

2013, October 2: BBB Therapeutics Presents Data on 2B3-201 for Multiple Sclerosis

2013, September 26: BBB Therapeutics Presents Clinical Data on Lead Product 2B3-101

2013, September 10: BBB Therapeutics Further Strengthens Supervisory Board with Dr. Peter Hongaard Andersen

2013, August 19: BBB Therapeutics Receives IND Approval for Brain Cancer Drug 2B3-101 and Proceeds into Phase IIa Clinical Trial

2013, April 25: BBB Therapeutics closes EUR 2.5 million financing round to broaden clinical brain tumor study

2013, January 8: ALS TDI and BBB Therapeutics Collaborate on Potential Treatments for Motor Neuron Disease

2012, November 28: BBB Therapeutics receives Frost & Sullivan Technology Innovation Award

2012, September 3: BBB Therapeutics awarded EUR 1.25 million European FP7 funding to develop treatments for retinal diseases

2012, July 16: BBB Therapeutics presents and publishes data on 2B3-201 for neuroinflammation and receives Innovation Credit

2012, June 18: BBB Therapeutics hires Dr. Ajay Mistry as Head of Business Development to support partnering activities

2012, April 17: BBB Therapeutics receives Michael J. Fox Foundation funding for Parkinson's disease research

2011, December 19: BBB Therapeutics receives International Innovation grant to support partnership with top-5 pharma company

2011, October 5: EuropaBio: BBB Therapeutics shortlisted for EuropaBio's Most Innovative European Biotech SME Award 2011

2011, September 29: NeuroVive and BBB Therapeutics awarded Eurostars grant for development of stroke therapy

2011, August 29: BBB Therapeutics builds for success with Chief Medical Officer and new group of investors

2011, July 19: EmulTech and BBB Therapeutics announce development partnership

2011, June 27: BBB Therapeutics start klinische studie in patienten met hersenmetastasen (Dutch)

2011, June 27: BBB Therapeutics starts clinical trial in patients with brain metastases

2011, March 31: BBB Therapeutics obtains government loan of EUR 1.2 million for clinical trial in brain cancer

2011, February 3: to‐BBB
EUR 4 million investment round

2011, January 5: Synageva Biopharma Corp and BBB Therapeutics to collaborate on brain drug delivery for rare diseases

2010, October 25: NeuroVive and BBB Therapeutics to jointly develop therapy for stroke

2010, August 23: FDA grants Orphan Drug Status for BBB Therapeuticss lead product

2010, July 16: First two ODD-support grants awarded to DNage and BBB Therapeutics

2010, June 14: BBB Therapeutics receives positive opinion for Orphan Drug Designation

2010, May 20: BBB Therapeutics announces brain drug delivery pilot study with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV for CNS diseases

2010, March 3: BBB Therapeutics and GSK to collaborate on brain delivery of a biologic product

2010, January 7: BBB Therapeutics announces two additional pharma collaborations on brain drug delivery

2009, December 22: BBB Therapeutics and Lundbeck to join forces on brain delivery of antibodies for CNS diseases

2009, November 3: BBB Therapeutics announces collaboration Genzyme on brain delivery of biologics for neurodegenerative diseases

2009, October 21: Corvitex and BBB Therapeutics join forces to raise funds in the USA

2009, September 17: BBB Therapeutics technology will be used by MedImmune to evaluate brain drug delivery mechanism

2009, August 20: Acceleration of the development of BBB Therapeuticss brain cancer treatment

2009, August 6: BBB Therapeutics climbs up the international CNS drug delivery ranking

2009, July 21: BBB Therapeutics selected to present at BioBusiness Asia 2009

2009, July 9: Professor Bart de Strooper and BBB Therapeutics to collaborate on brain delivery of anti-Alzheimer antibodies

2009, July 1: BBB Therapeutics to receive Outstanding Presentation Award at 8th Cerebral Vascular Biology International Conferen

2009, June 22: The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) and BBB Therapeutics to collaborate on brain delivery of anti-cancer drugs

2009, June 10: BBB Therapeutics invited to present at BioEquity Europe

2009, May 12: U.S. Army funds TNO, and BBB Therapeutics to investigate protecting soldiers brains from nerve agents

2009, April 30: BBB Therapeutics to present at International Advanced Drug Delivery Symposium

2009, April 21: BBB Therapeutics invited to pitch at BioCapital Europe

2009, February 3: Blood-brain barrier company BBB Therapeutics moves into commercialization mode with new CEO Willem van Weperen

2008, December 1: BBB Therapeutics to present at GCTbio's CNS diseases partnering & deal-making summit

2008, November 19: BBB Therapeutics invited to present at BIO-Europe 2008

2008, November 12: Dutch biotech company BBB Therapeutics and Taiwanese ITRI sign exclusive license agreement

2008, May 28: BBB Therapeutics invited to pitch at BioEquity Europe

2008, May 25: BBB Therapeutics covered in three pharma industry market reports

2008, May 08: BBB Therapeutics invited speaker at The Neurotech Industry Investing & Partnering Conference

2008, April 11: BBB Therapeutics secures Challenger's Loan

2008, March 28: BBB Therapeutics elects Mats Petterson and Jaap Blaak to its supervisory board

2008, January 1: BBB Therapeutics moves into new premises

2007, November 13: BBB Therapeutics rewrites corporate vision and mission statements

2007, October 1: BBB Therapeutics advances management team

2007, July 6: Aescap Venture invests EUR 4 million in BBB Therapeutics

2007, March 21: CNS drug targeting technology 2B-Trans to be part of Dutch Technology Foundation grant

2006, December 27: CNS drug targeting technology 2B-Trans part of International Stichting Alzheimer Onderzoek grant

2005, December 8: CNS drug targeting technology 2B-Trans to be part of Dutch Technology Foundation grant

2005, October 20: BBB Therapeutics secures grant from Sanfilippo Foundation

2005, May 24: BBB Therapeutics signs agreement with Genmab on 2B-Trans technology

2005, March 21: BBB Therapeutics eerste in tender Innovatiesubsidie Samenwerkingsprojecten (Dutch)

2005, March 14: BBB Therapeutics announces research collaboration with Biogen Idec